About Maison Lipari

Born out of a passion for elegance, Maison Lipari’s mission since 1972 is to provide our customers with the finest home goods. We pride ourselves in offering heritage and emerging brands to guarantee our collections are always imbued with a sense of timelessness and modernity.

From kitchenware and tableware to fine bedding and home décor, we offer a wide range of styles, materials and colours to complement any decor aesthetic, choosing each item in accordance with our high standards of excellence. We owe our success to our customers, the brands we carry, and our in-store customer assistance: the pillars of our success. We established our first retail store 50 years ago, have opened a second since then, and have outfitted exclusive customers’ private jets, yachts, and luxury residences for the past 20 years.

Media Contact:
Melissa Manzo
Head of E-Commerce & Marketing