Missoni Home - New 2024 Collection

Missoni Home - New 2024 Collection

The fabrics are the stars of the show, with their unmistakeable combinations of symbols, patterns, and colours.

Missoni Home, and its iconic designs that are continually being updated with different interpretations and colour varieties, is able to offer a sophisticated and exclusive vision of interior design.

The choice of materials is vital. It experiments and intrigues. It transforms and reinterprets volumes. It subdues or ignites contrasts. It creates nuances, iridescence, depth.

Neutral and delicate palettes contrast with dark and elegant hues, intersected by vibrant or pastel shades. The relief weaves add softness, materialising on the surface to dilute intense, polished, oxide and acid colours. They create 3D effects. The indispensable black and white contrasts dissipate and thin out, interspersed between other colours.

The unique and ultra-modern weaves are the result of a process that uses textile techniques from yesteryear, carried out on looms that are now extremely rare (like the Caperdoni and Raschel), and updated with the use of luminous, wavy and bouclé yarns. The project proposes modern versions of the enchanting jacquard design, producing new textile results in velvets, focusing on both aesthetics and functional performance.

The variety of ideas acts as a proactive force for decorative proposals of interiors and means that even very large spaces can be cleverly managed. The style also makes way for witty design (with unlimited interpretations). 

Eye-catching linear and curved forms are offered in classic items such as the Tektonik modular sofa and the Gravità outsize armchair, as well as the surprising pouffes which include the huge Ciambella and sculptural Panettone.

As well as tartan blankets, and towels, rugs and coffee tables, the following are noteworthy: the Tableware range, with its china cups and plates from Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo, the Missoni Wallcoverings by Jannelli & Volpi, and the Eleganza chairs from Kartell. One final innovation: the launch of a new Outdoor collection (Missoni/Roda).


Creative Director, Alberto Caliri.

About Missoni Home

Missoni Home infuses personal style with interior aesthetics. It brings vibrant colours and captivating patterns to your living spaces, creating a dynamic and original ambiance. Building on its legacy of interior design, Missoni offers enduring, quality creations, complete with a diverse array of home accents that feature a range of unique patterns.

About Maison Lipari

Established in 1972, Maison Lipari has been a family-run, inter-generational business for the last five decades, specializing in providing quality home goods. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Maison Lipari curates a diverse selection of kitchenware, tableware, fine bedding, and home décor, sourced from over 150 heritage and emerging brands. Each collection seamlessly blends timeless elegance with contemporary flair, catering to a wide range of decor aesthetics. Maison Lipari credits its enduring success to three key elements: their discerning customers, the renowned brands they showcase, and their unparalleled customer service.

With a presence spanning online, retail, and B2B channels, Maison Lipari has become synonymous with quality and sophistication. Over the years, Maison Lipari has expanded from their inaugural retail store to establish a second location, while also catering to exclusive clientele by outfitting private jets, yachts, and luxury residences.

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