Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

In almost two weeks we’ll exchange gifts in the name of Cupid, Eros and all they represent after having celebrated a Super Bowl victory (if you’re rooting for the right team). Let 2022 be the year you step up your game and treat yourself or the apple of your eye to something that will last much longer than a box of chocolates. Have your partner fall in love with you all over again or show yourself some well-deserved kindness with our Valentine’s Day gift guide. Xoxo - Lipari Living.


Le Creuset, Heart French Oven

Le Creuset, Heart-shaped French Oven - 1.9 L


If you plan on staying in this year, start the holiday by preparing a mouthwatering, delicious feast fit for the court of love with a bright red, heart-shaped French oven. Romanticize your day by taking the time to put together a restaurant menu-worthy slow-cooked meal like bœuf Bourguignon or Coq au vin. Made out of robust enameled cast iron, this Le Creuset cookware will keep your dish warm while you set the table and light some candles.

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Le Creuset, Shallow French Oven

Le Creuset, Heart-shaped Shallow French Oven - 1 L

Cook your heart out with Le Creuset’s Heart-shaped Shallow French Oven if you’re in the mood for braised octopus or some juicy pulled pork. This shallow version of the heart-shaped French oven is designed for dishes that require a larger cooking surface, from pasta bakes to braised and roasted meals. Thanks to its larger size, you’ll be able to sear and brown meat without your ingredients piling on top of each other. Plus, the bold cerise color will complement any Valentine’s Day décor.

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Le Creuset, Heart Skillet

Le Creuset, Heart-shaped Skillet - 16 cm

Nothing says “Will you be my Valentine?” like a giant skillet chocolate chip cookie topped with pink, white and red M&Ms, a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream. Made out of enameled cast iron, it’ll stand the test of time and can even be turned into a family heirloom. Other than this ooey-gooey decadent dessert, you can use the skillet year-round to cook a classic Middle Eastern Shakshuka, garlic and butter steak bites or even a cast iron pizza.

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L'Objet, Rectangular Pave Frame

L’Objet, Rectangular Pave Frame - 5” X 7” - Gold

Contemporary design meets Hollywood glamour in L’Objet’s Rectangular Pave Frame. Gold, adorned with a raised beaded pattern and delicate white Swarovski crystals that shine like starlight, this frame will enhance any surface it’s placed on. Plus, it’ll protect your cherished photograph, painting or graphic print from any dust, fingerprints and smudges while allowing you to admire it much more often than if it were in a photo album. Pro tip: frame your favorite picture before wrapping it. All your gift receiver will have to do is pick the spot to display it.

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DutchDeluxes, Large White Food Stand

Dutch Deluxes, Food Stand - Large - White

Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to bake a rich, delicious dessert. Take a sweet treat to the next level by displaying it on an elegant cake stand, whether inspired by Sleeping Beauty’s absolutely chaotic 15-layer blue and white cake or The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Courtesans au Chocolat. Made out of white porcelain covered with a matte finish, it’ll add a minimalist touch to any table setting, casual or celebratory.

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Cire Trudon, Abd El Kader Candle

Cire Trudon, Small Abd El Kader Scented Candle - 70 g

Fill the air with romance by lighting this Small Abd El Kader Scented Candle by Cire Trudon. Including some soft, twinkling lights and a delicious home fragrance to your Valentine’s date will set the evening’s relaxing and intimate tone. Featuring head notes of sweet blackcurrant, apple and spearmint, heart notes of jasmin and base notes of vanilla, you’ll enjoy an intoxicating and indulgent scent. The iconic green vessel can also serve as a decorative accessory long after February 14th.

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Matouk, Cairo Robe - White

Experience a night at a five-star hotel without compromising a candlelit home-cooked meal by gifting this oh-so-soft and elegant Cairo robe by Matouk. Whether celebrating on your own or with your partner, all you’ll need to feel like a VIP guest at a luxurious spa is this white cotton terry robe. Its thick material is an excellent choice for post-bath or shower attire since it’s highly absorbant. It’s also great for enjoying a face mask, chocolate-covered strawberries and a rom-com while lounging on your couch.

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Baobab Collection, Encre de Chine Candle

Baobab Collection, Encre de Chine Scented Candle

Dim the lights, let sparks fly and set the mood for an idyllic evening at home with Baobab Collection’s Encre de Chine Scented Candle. Gift it to your loved one for an aromatic memory of Valentine’s Day spent with you, or keep it for yourself and reserve it for bubble baths with a glass of champagne. Depending on the size you choose, it’ll burn for 60 to 400 hours - that’s a lot of bubble baths. Plus, you can use the sleek black vessel as a makeup brush holder or ring container once it’s empty.

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DutchDeluxes, Round Oak Bread Board

Dutch Deluxes, XL Round Bread Board - Oak

Calling all charcuterie board lovers: Have you met Dutch Deluxes’ XL Round Bread Board? It’s the perfect presentation dish for a festive spread, whether you’re hosting a Galentines dinner or having an at-home date night. The secret to the best charcuterie boards are making sure they look as good as they taste: Include a mix of hard and soft cheese, different dry cured meats, and your favourite nuts, fruit and jams. In honour of the day of love, we’re sharing our go-to recipe:
- Prosciutto roses
- Salami
- Country Pâté
- Sliced aged cheddar
- Baked camembert drizzled with honey or truffle oil
- Blue cheese
- Oil-cured black olives
- Green grapes
- Fig jam
- Dried apricots
- Rosemary crackers

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Matouk, Pair of Essex Pillowcases - King - White

Finish the holiday by turning your king bed into a bed fit for a king or queen with Matouk’s crisp and clean white Essex pillowcases. Made out of long staple cotton percale and boasting a 350 thread count, these pillowcases’ unmatched ultra-soft feel will guarantee a blissful night’s sleep. Make every night feel like a night spent at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo or the Hôtel d’Angleterre by making them part of your everyday bed linens once Valentine’s Day is over.

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