Earth Day: Bringing Sustainability to Your Home

Earth Day: Bringing Sustainability to Your Home

With Earth Day approaching, it's the perfect time to shine a spotlight on brands and products that are dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. In today's world, where sustainability isn't just a trend but a necessity, many companies are changing for the better and creating eco-friendly products! From utilizing certified eco-friendly materials to adopting innovative energy practices and technologies, these brands are paving the way toward a greener future. In this blog post, we're excited to showcase the top 10 brands and their standout products that prioritize sustainability. Join us as we explore how each purchase has the power to contribute to a better Earth.

Baobab | Sacred Trees  

Baobab Collection is not just committed to making your space smell divine, it is also committed to making a positive impact on the environment, in partnership with the Coeur Vert Foundation.  With each purchase of the Sacred Trees collection, you are contributing to planting 10,000 baobab trees in Ivory Coast's northern region and establishing a vegetable garden for local women in Kani. The collection features three scents: Morondo (with notes of cinnamon, almond and Texas cedar wood), Seguela (with notes of cedar, incense, and eucalyptus wood) and Kani (with notes of vetiver, galbanum and leather).  

Assouline x One Tree Planted  

In partnership with One Tree Planted, Assouline is dedicated to creating a more sustainable world by planting one tree for every book sold. With the goal of creating books from their very own tree plantations within approximately 15 years, Assouline will continue to create books that not only inspire and tell stories, but that also support an eco-friendly cause.  

Le Jacquard Français  

Le Jacquard Français is all about quality and responsibility. With ith its OEKO-TEXŸ Standard 100 label on all its100% cotton products and a certificate of Masters of LinenŸ on its linen products, it demonstrates its dedication to keeping the environment healthy during the manufacturing of its creations, all while upholding the European standards from plant to yarn. Plus, its biodegradable paper napkins are made from ethical and sustainable forests, where the rights of workers and indigenous people are highly supported. Add colour, class, luxury and uniqueness to your house with quality linens that are a testament to sustainable choices. 

Kartell | Componibili  

Storage just got a whole lot cooler – and greener! The Componibili, one of Kartell’s bestsellers, is now available in an environmentally-friendly composition. Made from recycled industrial material, it presents the same durability and functionality as the original model. Over the years, this storage unit has become a truly unique way to add storage space to your living space and is greatly loved by home dĂ©cor lovers! Available in a variety of colours, this unit is a stylish, functional and sustainable staple for your home.  



Not only does your Trudon home fragrance bring beautiful aromas into your home, it also helps preserve the environment. Maison Trudon shows true committment to protecting the environment by contributing proceeds of their sales to conservancy initiatives. Since 1991, the home fragrance brand has been committed to preserve the biodiverisity of the Perche Regional Nature Park, located in Normandy, France. In addition to this, the Maison also joined forces with the Orne Dark Bee Conservatory in 2018, with the mission to protect the European dark bees.


Made with love and a whole lot of eco-consciousness, Matouk’s bed linens are not only soft and comfy, but also OEKO-TEX¼ certified. Their chemical management, quality management, health & safety in the workplace, and general social responsibility showcase their dedication to utilizing environmentally-friendly practices.  Moreover, with their Fall River factory, they have used solar energy for 30% of their production since 2010. 

W&P Reusable Stretch 

W&P’s reusable stretch lids are the perfect solution for storing your delicious dishes without waste. The reusable stretch line creates silicone stretchy lids to cover baking dishes, glass containers and other storage containers, rather than using plastic wrap. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you can seal in freshness while reducing your carbon footprint – because leftovers are too good to waste!  

Bondi wash 

Make laundry day a breeze with Bondi Wash’s eco-friendly products. Made with top-notch ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced, their cleaning solutions are gentle on your clothes and the environment. And with a yearly donation to WWF, you can feel good about every wash knowing you’re helping protect precious habitats!  

Atelier Choux  

From using raw materials like their GOTS-certified organic cotton, to bleaching cotton fibers with safe peroxide instead of chlorine bleach, every detail is designed with the planet and your family in mind. Certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label and featuring both water-based inks and 100% recyclable packaging, every piece is a testament to the brand’s safety measures and environmentally friendly practices.   

Breville the InFizzℱ Fusion Carbonated Beverage Maker

Who says you can’t save the planet and enjoy a bubbly refreshment at the same time? Instead of buying soda, it’s time to start making it at home, saving money and the environment for a refreshing taste on hot summer days. Given the harmful effects of soda cans and plastic bottles on the environment, that doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from having a glass of your favourite fizzy drinks. Whip up your own sparkling drink in seconds with the Breville InFizz Fusion, all while giving the boot to plastic waste. Plus, its sleek, stainless steel design adds a stylish touch to any kitchen counter.  

While we've highlighted just 10 products and brands here, the eco-friendly movement is vast and growing. There are countless others out there, both in our stores and online, all striving to make a positive difference for our planet. This Earth Day, we hope you've enjoyed discovering some of these gems and feel inspired to continue your search for eco-friendly homeware products with us. Whether it's through innovative practices, the use of organic materials, or the development of renewable energy sources, these companies are paving the way for sustainable manufacturing and consumption. By supporting these brands and choosing their eco-friendly products, we can collectively make a significant impact in preserving our planet's health and biodiversity.  

🌿🌎 Happy Earth Day!🌿🌎

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