About Assouline

Driven by their profound affection for books and a fervour for learning, the the Assouline family established the brand in 1994 in the heart of Paris. Over the years, their vision has transcended the realm of literature, evolving into a refined and opulent library experience. Each item within their collection exudes their incomparable signature style and refined expertise, reshaping contemporary publishing on a global scale.


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Travel From Home Series

Transform your living space with a visually stunning collection of travel books. Within these pages, you'll find a treasure trove of captivating narratives that unveil the hidden histories and secrets of destinations worldwide. Embark on this inspiring journey with Assouline.

The Ultimate Collection

Pay tribute to the art of luxury book craftsmanship, featuring hand-bound volumes with artisanal touches. Covering diverse subjects from jewelry and fashion to fine art and 'Impossible Collections,' these limited-edition books represent a pinnacle of sophistication and luxury.

The Legends Collection

Exuding authority with their vibrant and sophisticated volumes, these titles draw inspiration from legendary eras, artists, and high society, offering a timeless allure that makes them indispensable for today's culturally inclined.

The Classics Collection

Immerse yourself in a chic portrayal of cultural shifts, carefully documenting elegance in design, art, fashion, and beyond. Each volume invites you to explore a realm of aesthetic delight, crafting a distinctive experience for your enjoyment.

The Icons Collection

Revel in life's essence through the captivating lens of exotic adventures, glamorous destinations, and intriguing characters, all in the distinctive Assouline style. Immerse yourself in the top-selling books, all thoughtfully curated to leave you craving more.

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