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Baobab Collection

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      From candles weighing 6.5 kilograms to sleek diffusers, Baobab Collection has it all: Welcome to every home fragrance enthusiast’s paradise. Inspired by Tanzania’s breathtaking landscapes, Baobab “upside-down” trees and enchanting scents, the Belgian brand launched its first collection in 2002. Since then, it’s become the benchmark brand of luxury candles and diffusers: not only do these offer an olfactive journey across the globe, they are so aesthetically pleasing thanks to their colorful and intricate prints that they are pieces of home decor. The brand releases two limited collections per year and never misses with its wide range of sizes, scents and prints. All of the raw materials are of outstanding quality: highly-refined German paraffin wax is hand-poured into hand-blown Polish glass and sometimes decorated with Italian leather. Just like the Baobab tree, these candles and diffusers won’t go unnoticed in the landscape that is your living room and the tapered candle accessories will create a chic dinner table display.