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      Claude Trudon, later known as the Count Trudon des Ormes, opened the very first Cire Trudon boutique in 1643 on the famous rue Sainte-Honoré. In a short period of time, the brand became the official candle provider for the Roi Soleil (Louis XIV), and later for Napoleon. Today, it’s the longest-running and most prestigious candle company in the world. Cire Trudon built its legacy on the divine scents and the superior quality of its most sought-after product: candles. The candlewax comes from black bees kept in Normandy, where the brand’s original wax manufacture is located. It is then bleached by sunlight and poured into glass vessels that closely resemble champagne buckets in shape and champagne bottles in color. Each candle is still adorned with the brand’s original Latin motto, “Deo regique laborant”, which means “they work for God and for the King” (the bees). These can easily be repurposed as makeup brush, pen or trinket holders. Today, Cire Trudon has added reed diffusers, room sprays, scented matches, perfumes and candle accessories to its collection. These one-of-a-kind fragrances will not only take you on a journey across the globe but back in time as well: the scents are named after and inspired by an array of unexpected historical people and places: a nineteenth-century Algerian military leader, a certain Cuban revolutionary, a popular French Riviera villa from the Belle Époque… the list goes on. Loyal to its artisanal craftsmanship more than 300 years after its debut, Cire Trudon will infuse your home with a truly royal touch.