Le Creuset's All-white Party

Le Creuset's All-white Party

We're thrilled to announce that we are welcoming Le Creuset's white series to our collection of Cerise, Flame, Artichaut, Blueberry, Sage, Oyster, Teal and Meringue cookware and tableware. We've selected an assortment of snow white French ovens, skillets, a braiser, a rice pot, a roaster, a saucier and a trivet - Everything you need to cook your way through the Missoni Family Cookbook or Ina Garten's Modern Comfort Food


Le Creuset Deluxe Round Trivet - White


Deluxe Round Trivet - White

Set the table with Le Creuset's White Deluxe Round Trivet for a French-country-meets-vintage tablescape. Its intricate, lace-like cut-outs evoke the Belle Époque's classic iron architectural accents from the late 19th century. Coated in a glossy finish that'll resist scratches, drops and burns, this enamelled cast iron trivet will complement any ivory tablecloth or contrast beautifully with colorful linens from Le Jacquard Français or La Double J.



Le Creuset Oval French Oven - 6.3 L - White


Oval French Oven - 6.3 L - White

There are so many different uses for Le Creuset's White Oval French Oven (Le Creuset's take on the classic Dutch oven), especially its 6.3 L model. This versatile kitchen workhorse can be used to braise tender pork chops, simmer a Bœuf Bourguignon stew for hours, or even bake a loaf of sourdough bread from Upper Crust: Homemade Bread The French Way. In short, you can use this Oval French Oven to cook or bake anything you like thanks to its flat base and tight-fitting lid which keep ingredients tender and moist. The powder-white color will stand out on any oven, whether you're cooking up a storm or not.


Le Creuset Rice Pot - White



Rice Pot - White

This handy little rice pot is more roomy than it seems - It can hold up to 2 liters of rice! Its 7 inch (18 cm) diameter it perfect for cooking a couple of servings of rice, lentil and quinoa soup, or spicy bulgur pilaf. This glossy enamelled cast iron dish is a perfect fit for any compact stove, and it'll match any minimalist or modern neutral kitchen aesthetic. If you've got an upcoming housewarming party or wedding marked on your calendar, pick up this small but mighty dish to complete your loved ones' cookware collection. 



Le Creuset Braiser - 3.5 L - White


Braiser - 3.5 L - White

If you're big on cooking dishes that require browning, searing or simmering with a small quantity of liquids, you should definitely invest in a high-quality braiser like this glossy white 3.5 L model by Le Creuset: It's essentially a large pan with low walls that prevent steaming, which is crucial when browning. The 3.5 L capacity is big enough to cook 2 to 3 servings of braised short ribs, red wine-soaked pears, or even an entire brisket, which is extremely convenient during the holidays or any festive gathering. 


  Le Creuset Saucier - White


Saucier - White

What meal isn't considerable improved by the addition of a sauce? Prepare up to 2 liters of raspberry coulis to pair with a New York-style cheesecake or a velouté sauce for extra-creamy chicken thanks to this pan's curved interiors, which ensure no food gets stuck in any corners and guarantee an easy clean-up. When you're not using it to cook, this white saucier's pristine, lustrous finish will inject your stovetop with a dose of modern elegance.  


Turn your entire kitchen into a cast iron cookware white party by shopping Le Creuset's White Collection

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