Behind the Brand: Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Behind the Brand: Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Discover the woman behind the brand: Alexandra Von Furstenberg!

If you haven’t heard of Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s brand already, you’re probably familiar with the designer herself: The youngest of the three it-girl Miller Sisters, she became an important fashion figure when working with her mother-in-law at the time, Diane Von Furstenberg. 

After graduating from the prestigious Parsons School of Design and majoring in costume design and art history at Brown University, she became the creative director and then director of image of Diane Von Furstenberg’s brand and helped revive her iconic 1970s jersey wrap dress two decades later, solidifying its status as a timeless fashion piece everyone should have in their wardrobe. 

She found love (and, as luck would have it, her maiden name) again when she married architectural designer Dax Miller in 2015. The two form an incomparable dynamic design duo who combined their respective talents to design their Los Angeles home, which was recently featured in Architectural Digest.

Von Furstenberg’s interest in home decor was sparked when she started to design acrylic furniture for her own home. She then realized there could be a market interested in similar items, so she decided to leave the fashion industry and launch her eponymous homeware brand in 2008. 

She finds inspiration in the Art Deco movement, the 1960s and futurism, to which she adds her own twist with her use of bright colors and acrylic. Inspired by Charles Hollis’ Lucite furniture, Gary Lang’s colorful bullseye pieces and Southern California’s landscapes, she designs bowls, vases, coasters, and picture frames that have a futuristic, dreamlike quality.

The entire collection is made from acrylic, a material she found was misunderstood and forgotten since its popularity peak in the 1970s and 1980s. The result of her unusual choice of material and her chic vision is a futuristic retro design that you can find nowhere else. Her design process always brings her back to her mantra: Fearless, which is written in neon above her creations in her Los Angeles showroom. 

Alexandra Von Furstenberg hopes to one day turn AVF into a lifestyle brand and we’re excited to see what else she applies this resolutely modern, striking aesthetic to. 

Here are some of the pieces we cannot stop gushing over:

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Small Black Tray

Fearless Tray - Small - Black 

Keep all of your notepads, makeup essentials or purse basics in one place or display a statement piece on this small black tray. Its sharp silhouette and neutral color give it a Space Odyssey, Monolith-like appearance that evokes Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s skill at breathing new life into a material that was lastly as popular as it is today several decades ago.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Snap Frame Rose

Snap Frame - 5” X 7” - Rose

The snap frames are as convenient as they are exquisite: You’ll never struggle to twist and pin down metal tabs to make sure your picture or graphic print is pinned down correctly before displaying it with these frames. Their magnetic fastening “snaps” pictures into place and are incredibly easy to “unsnap” so you can refresh your decor as many times as you like. The transparency of the pink acrylic will elevate your picture and give the impression it’s surrounded by soft neon lights.


Alexandra Von Furstenberg Candy Bowl Petite White

Candy Bowl - Petite - White

One of the brand’s most popular pieces is the candy bowl. Available in several colors, they can be placed anywhere around your home, from your dining room table to your vanity or your kitchen island to display any wrapped treats, fruit or small trinkets. This one's bright white color will complement any other decorative accessories while the novel silhouette will guarantee your bowl doesn’t go unnoticed.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Bloomin' Vase Slate Grey 

Bloomin' Vase - Tall - Slate Grey

The Bloomin’ Vase in Slate Grey can be used to display any single flower or bouquet from the edge of each petal to the end of each stem. The grey color is featured at the bottom of the vase and at the bottom of the glass tube, giving the impression that your floral arrangement is floating in space. It’ll become the centerpiece of any room. 



Alexandra Von Furstenberg Multi Jewel Infinity Coasters


Set of 8 Infinity Coasters - Multi Jewel

This set is composed of eight grey, black and white circular coasters. Their translucent color will add a retro-meets-modern touch to your coffee table while protecting it from any water marks. Don’t let their sleek shape fool you - They won’t slip or slide off any surface thanks to their rubber bumpers, which also makes them stackable and turns them into an unusual decorative piece. 

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