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      When you hear “Von Furstenberg”, you may think of the German noble family, but this name is equally famous because of Alexandra’s eponymous homeware brand (though she was part of said family when she was married to Prince Alexander Von Furstenberg). After graduating from Parsons School of Design and majoring in costume design and art history at Brown University, she became the creative director of her then mother-in-law Diane Von Furstenberg’s brand and played an important role in reviving the 1970s iconic wrap dress two decades later. She then decided to transition from fashion to interiors in 2007 when she launched her home accessory brand. The collection is entirely made from acrylic, a material she found was misunderstood and wanted to bring to life with her chic vision and one-word mantra: Fearless. Inspired by Pierre Cardin and Charles Hollis’ colorful Lucite furniture, she designs bowls, vases, coasters, and picture frames that have a futuristic, dreamlike quality.