Next stop: The festive dinner table. Whether placed on your own or on a loved one’s, these sweet, sumptuous delicacies will delight everyone you’ll be celebrating with while adding a decidedly festive touch to the dessert tablescape. These edible items also make great gifts: There’s something on this list for every gourmand on yours. Only available in-store while supplies last.


Nothing says “celebratory dessert” like panettone, an edible symbol of the holiday season. This rich, brioche-like bread is traditionally flavoured with candied fruit and raisins, and takes hours to prepare. Loison, an Italian bakery that has mastered the art of cakes and biscuits since its opening in 1938, offers a selection of different flavours and sizes:

- Mini panettone, 100 g (available in Classic & Chocolate)

- Medium panettone, 500 g (available in Black Cherry & Citrus)

- Regular panettone, 600 g (available in Glazed Chestnut, Salted Caramel & Lemon)

- Large panettone, 1 kg (available in Lemon, Zabaione, & Salted Caramel)


There’s no such thing as too much panettone. One of Canada’s favourite importers of fine Italian food products, Gigi Importing, also offers a selection of beautifully packaged panettones, available in a selection of different flavours:

- 1 kg panettones (available in Classic, Lemon, Pistachio, Glazed Chestnut, Chocolate & Amarena Cherry)


Get on the nice list by leaving these Mary McLeod treats out for the reindeer. Canada’s first-ever shortbread shop provides boxes of assorted classic and chocolate shortbread cookies that pair wonderfully with a cup of hot cocoa and curling up by the fire. Hot tip: The canisters of buttery cookies fit in stockings!

- Canisters of 8 cookies

- Square boxes of 16 cookies

- Square boxes of 24 cookies

- Round boxes of 21 cookies 


…Also known as the finest chocolates you’ll ever taste. Founded in 1817, Cova is known across the globe for its impeccable quality, its rich Italian heritage and its iconic golden wrapping paper, topped with a luxurious navy blue silk ribbon.

- Vegan Panettone, 1 kg (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

- Traditional Panettone, 1 kg (available in Classic or Chocolate) (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

- Traditional Panettone, 5 kg

- Traditional Panettone, 3 kg

- Twins Cofanetto (panettone, chocolate & nougat gift box)

- Baby Gold Cofanetto (panettone, chocolate-covered cereal & chocolate gift box)

- Gold Cofanetto (panettone, chocolate, praline, jam & nougat gift box)

- Pandoro, 1 kg (vanilla star-shaped cake)

- Glazed Chestnuts Gift Box

- Gianduia Chocolate Boxes (chocolates with a hazelnut paste)


Indulge in traditional holiday Italian treats with one of Sicily’s most prestigious bakeries, Dolciaria Nicotina. One of their most sought-after sweets is torrone, a nougat-like dessert made with honey, nuts and egg whites. We offer several flavours and other classic treats: 

- Pistachio torrone, a chewy almond brittle candy

- Crunchy dark chocolate torrone, a crunchy almond brittle candy (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

- White chocolate torrone, a chewy almond brittle candy (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

- Assorted flavours of torrone, an almond brittle candy (AVAILABLE ONLINE)

- Almond paste cookies

- Almond & honey brittle 

- Almond & honey brittle bars

¹ Please note that this brand is only available at our physical stores while supplies last.

² Please note that listed items are only available online if "AVAILABLE ONLINE" is indicated next to the product name. These products are also available at our physical stores while supplies last.