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      Whether you call them cushions or throw pillows, they’ve been a go-to decorative accessory for eons (they used to be made out of stone, wood, ceramic, ivory… Pretty much the opposite of contemporary cloud-like down feathers or cotton stuffing) and for good reason: Upgrading your cushions is the simplest way to refresh your home’s aesthetic. They can be switched based on seasons, specific holidays or remain the same throughout the year’s entirety, there are no rules. Playing with different textures, patterns and colors to create contrasts will turn wherever your pillows are displayed into an eye-catching focal point. Transform your living room into a haven of tranquility with plump and colorful zig-zag pattern Missoni Home throw cushions or make your bed part of your room’s decor with Les Ottomans’ soft silk velvet and watercolor-esque patterns. To karate chop them or not to karate chop them is entirely up to you.