Let's Have A Garden Party

Let's Have A Garden Party

As per Kool & The Gang, "Let's celebrate / Celebrate good times, come on". There's no time like the summertime to throw a festive garden party, the most elegant type of summer party, followed by an old-fashioned picnic and Bohemian backyard BBQs. Invite your friends and family over for a modern take of the famous Royal garden party: A day of fun in the sun, petits fours and refreshing drinks that will likely turn into a night of dancing in the moonlight

Le Jacquard Français, Arrière-pays Paper Napkins - Blue

Le Jacquard Français, Arrière-Pays Paper Napkins - Blue

The arrière-pays, or hinterland, is the area located behind any bustling area such as a city, town or port: It's where the landscape remains untouched, untamed and intact, save for those who come to wander amongst the wildflowers and fruits, such as the pears on these napkins. The sweet produce-inspired pattern will echo the backdrop of your garden party while preserving your immaculate linen tablecloth.Sferra, Festival Oblong Tablecloth - White

Sferra, Festival Oblong Tablecloth - 66" X 140"

Speaking of immaculate linen tablecloths, you cannot go wrong with one of Sferra's masterpieces. Think of a tablecloth as your table's clothes and of your serveware, flatware and dinnerware as the jewelry and accessories: The tablecloth sets the tone of the whole tablescape, it is perhaps the most crucial element. This soft white tablecloth by Sferra is a very durable option that will give your backyard dining setup a touch of boho-chic. If the Italian brand is good enough for the White House State Dinners, it's bound to be surpass your garden party expectations.

Guzzini, Cake Stand With Dome - Transparent
Guzzini, Tiffany Cake Stand with Dome - Transparent

Garden parties are all about elegance, and there's something truly and effortlessly elegant about desserts an d appetizers displayed on a transparent, footed cake stand. This charming piece of serveware will elevate your lemon cupcakes or crab salad tea sandwiches while evoking the Bazaar Party from Downton Abbey. Made out of acrylic, this model by Guzzini is practically unbreakable and will resist any spills or shoves from children at the table.


A Guzzini Garden Party

A Guzzini Garden Party

LSA, Void Jug
LSA, Void Jug

Named after the delicately cut hole that serves as its integrated handle, the Void Jug by LSA is the contemporary, functional pitcher missing from your garden party's must-have accessories. Thanks to its sleek and sculptural silhouette, it doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece while keeping 1.2 L of your strawberry-basil lemonade, spicy margarita or water and lemon slices fresh and flavorful. Made out of mouth-blown glass, this jug features smooth curves that'll complement any natural, organic tablescape style.

Tom Dixon, Plum Wine Cooler
Tom Dixon, Plum Wine Cooler

Functionality meets a reserved sophistication in Tom Dixon's Plum Wine Cooler, which serves both as a wine cooler and as a modern decorative accent. Made out of lustrous copper-plated stainless steel, it'll keep your Grenache rosé or Picpoul de Pinet ice-cold. It can also be used as an ice bucket in case of a tableware emergency and paired with its matching Set of 2 Plum Moscow Mule Glasses for a stylish, complete look. Your guess is as good as ours as to why it's named after a plum. Any ideas?

Tina Frey Designs, Square Purist Charcuterie Board
Tina Frey, Purist Square Charcuterie Board

No garden party host can skip on a charcuterie board, likely most guests' favorite item on the dinner or buffet table. Like all of Tina Frey Designs' pieces, this Purist Square Charcuterie Board sports a modern country/farmhouse look thanks to the unique details of each item. Handmade out of food-safe, BPA-free epoxy, it's this serveware accessory is extremely resistant to breakage. Cater to the tastes of every attendee by creating a charcuterie board that includes several different options like the one pictured above: Prosciutto roses, cubes of Gouda, French pickles, green grapes and gluten-free rosemary crackers will certainly please a crowd.


Garden Party Vibes

Garden Party Vibes


LSA, Lotta Lantern with Ash Base
LSA, Lotta Lantern with Ash Base

As day turns into night and broad daylight is replaced by soft starlight, your guests' visibility and capacity to admire your delicious dishes will significantly decrease. Illuminate your garden party with LSA's Lotta Lantern with Ash Base to keep your event pleasant well past sundown. This lantern comes with an unscented pillar candle that can burn for up to 60 hours - That's at least 2 garden parties, right? Or, for others, probably around a dozen.


Koziol, Set of 6 Club No. 4 Wine Glasses - Large

Another winner in the "unbreakable outdoor dining accessories" category is no other than Koziol's Set of 6 Large Club No. 4 Wine Glasses. It's essentially impossible to distinguish these from wine glasses made of glass thanks to the crystal clear transparency and the textured pattern. Koziol's drinkware is actually made of SuperGlas, a BPA-free acrylic which is almost impossible to break or scratch. Toast to the summer solstice, your upcoming trip abroad or another summer night spent with loved ones safely and elegantly thanks to these glasses. 


Mario Luca Giusti, Pancale Salad/Dessert Plates - Yellow

Add this set of 6 delightfully vibrant Pancale Salad/Dessert Plates by Mario Luca Giusti to your table setting to give the Cobb salad or BLT potato salad a striking backdrop. Made out of of melamine, one of the most sought-after materials for plastic dishware, these plates are poolside-safe even though they look hand-painted and like you've picked them up at a quaint market in rural Tuscany. Che bello.

Mario Luca Giusti, Lente Salad Bowl - Turquoise
Mario Luca Giusti, Lente Salad Bowl - Large - Turquoise

Mario Luca Giusti's Lente Salad Bowl is named after lens (that's "lente" in Italian), a piece of glass that disperses light rays, like the one on your little cousin's telescope or the Nikon camera you've had your eye on for some time. Enjoy everyday fine dining with this brightly-colored, practical and sumptuous salad bowl inspired by Florence, the city of fine art and cypress trees.

Modern Outside Tablescape

A Modern Outdoor Tablescape

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  • Sarah Cancino

    Summertime for me is meeting up with friends at a pique nique. But the best part is making the charcuterie boards so the sophistication from Tina Frey’s purist square charcuterie board is Perfect !! I also love love the plum wine cooler from Tom Dixon ! It’s modern and completely different from what I’m used to ! Love those pieces :)

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