The Perfect Picnic

The Perfect Picnic

Ahhh picnic season - Is there anything quite like it? When else can you enjoy the great outdoors, lay down on lush grass, eat delectable homemade food, and feel like Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility or one of the Trapp children from The Sound of Music? We've compiled a list of everything you need to host the perfect picnic, from bread/charcuterie board to acrylic wine glasses, airtight containers and everything in between. Bon appétit!


Dutch Deluxes, XL Square Bread Board - Oak

Dutchdeluxes, XL Square Bread Board - Oak

Once you’ve settled down in the perfect spot, the first step to hosting a dreamy picnic is wowing the rest of your party with the world’s favorite appetizer: A charcuterie board. Make setting up a breeze by purchasing pre-sliced prosciutto or (and?And.) salami, Tarallini Pugliesi with fennel seeds, assorted cheeses, and your fruit of choice. Display your sweet and savory snacks on Dutchdeluxes’ gorgeous XL Square Bread Boar. This oak board features a juice groove that will prevent any fruit’s juice or creamy cheese from going overboard, and will give your picnic setup an artisanal, country look.

Guzzini, Cheese Knife Feeling - Apple Green

Cheese Knife Feeling - Apple Green

You’ll need a handy-dandy cheese knife to slice, pick and serve the assortment of Brie, Comté, aged Gouda and Gruyère displayed on your charcuterie board. Guzzini’s sleek and shiny Cheese Knife Feeling is easy to slip into any picnic bag, and will add an electrifying splash of Granny Smith green to your picnic-scape. The plastic handle can resist tumbles and scratches while the forked-tipped spear will allow you to cut, pick up and place onto plates any cube or slice of cheese.


Georg Jensen, 3-Pack Corkscrew, Stopper & Pourer

Georg Jensen, 3-Pack Corkscrew, Stopper & Pourer

Now it’s time to serve your refreshments: Once everybody has had a glass of water to cool down in the sun, use Georg Jensen’s stainless steel corkscrew to effortlessly remove your Grenache Rosé or Pinot Noir’s cork. Take your casual wine pouring skills to the next level by placing the pourer at the top of the bottle and serving every glass without a single spill (your tablecloth will thank you later). Last tip, don’t let any bees or creepy crawlers make their way into your grape fruit juice for adults by using the set’s black and silver stopper.


Guzzini, Happy Hour Wine Glass

Guzzini, Happy Hour Wine Glass

It’s happy hour right here, right now. Once you’ve opened your favorite bottle of wine, graciously pour your rosé, red or white nectar into Guzzini’s Happy Hour Wine Glasses. Made out of thick plastic that won’t shatter, no matter how many times they tumble over. They’re indistinguishable from real wine glasses to the naked eye and feel much lighter to hold. If small children will be around your picnic feast, these will prove especially useful!




Le Jacquard Français, Nature Urbaine Paper Napkins - Quartz

Le Jacquard Français, Nature Urbaine Paper Napkins - Quartz

Even though we’re not sitting at the dinner table, let’s keep everything classy and clean by having napkins on hand to wipe away any jam, mustard or crumbs from stunning picnic outfits, tablecloths and wicker baskets. Le Jacquard Français’ Quartz Nature Urbaine Napkins come in a beautiful shade of warm, pinkish-orange and will infuse your picnic decor with zig-zag-y, colorful, retro vibes.  


Guzzini, Set of 3 Deep Containers - Assorted

Guzzini, Set of 3 Deep Airtight Containers - Assorted

 The best picnic menus include delicious homemade treats. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, feel free to replicate a classic Victorian picnic, which was basically a portable banquet made up of fresh meat from your latest hunt, pigeon pies and even the occasional dining room table (yes, you read that correctly). If not, opt for cooking a tangy ratatouille, a large egg and chickpea salad and some lemon bars or meringues and transporting them in Guzzini’s deep airtight containers. Your dishes won’t lose any of their freshness while you get to the chosen picnic spot and set up.




Mario Luca Giusti, Set of 6 Aimone Soup Plates - Blue

Serve your sandwiches, salads and desserts on Mario Luca’s Ocean Blue Aimone Soup Plates. The deep concave center will prevent any juices, condiments or coulis from spilling. Made out of durable melamine, no need to worry about any chipping or breakage. The deep blue color will pair wonderfully a white or floral tablecloth, and will create a sunset color palette when placed next to Le Jacquard Français’ paper napkins. For an extra-easy clean-up, pop these into the dishwasher once you’ve made it back home.  




Qeeboo, Rechargeable LED Teddy Bear Lamp - Fuschia

Qeeboo, Rechargeable LED Teddy Bear Lamp - Fuschia

Give your picnic and extra dose of oomph you the rest of the park or beach’s diners likely won’t have by bringing your own rechargeable LED lamp. Qeeboo’s playful, teddy bear-shaped design looks like it belongs on a nightstand, but it can be brought anywhere! Surprise your guests once night has fallen and the only light left is from the moon and the fireflies by turning on this fuschia Teddy lamp.

Missoni Home, Timmy Throw 481

Missoni Home, Timmy Throw - Color 481

 Once you’ve brightened up the night’s darkness with your rechargeable LED lamp, tackle the evening chilliness by whipping out Missoni Home’s cozy Timmy throw. Made out of soft Merino wool, it’ll keep you toasty until the end of the festivities whether you wear it wrapped around your shoulders like a shawl or draped on your legs. For an additional dose of comfort, pack an outdoor pillow you can prop against a tree or lay your head on to look at the stars.


... and last but not least, don't forget to leave the picnic site how it was when you arrived!


  • Guillaume

    As always very nice blog post!! Makes me want to have a picnic with family and friends.
    Loving the teddy bear lamp! Perfect for an evening picnic.

  • Brogan

    Those plates look incredible and omg that throw blanket.. Merino wool is the best !

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