The Breville Review

The Breville Review

Spotlight on Breville: You’ve definitely seen one of their coffee machines at a coffee enthusiast friend’s home or stumbled upon online reviews by bloggers praising the efficacy of their blenders and convection ovens. Their stellar appliances simply make every step of every cooking process easier: The espresso machines make barista-level coffee, the juicers don’t waste a drop of fruit or vegetable’s juice, and the sandwich makers take a casual at-home lunch to a whole other level. Discover our current favorite Breville products and get a better understanding of how much they’ll impact your everyday cooking and keep your kitchen upkeep short and sweet.




Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster™

Toast is an essential component of the most important meal of the day: breakfast. There’s no end to the possibilities of sweet and savory toppings you can customize it with, from fresh ricotta to mashed avocado and a poached egg, jam, Nutella, and so on. Breville’s Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster™ features extra wide slots that can fit bagels, English muffins, slices of any type of bread and even pastries. Its wide range of settings will turn any one of these into golden, crispy deliciousness. You can even peak at your toast’s progress without interrupting the browning process thanks to the “Lift and Look™” option. It’s the prefect toaster for making breakfast as a family or when you have guests staying over. Plus, it’ll look great on your countertop.

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Espresso Cleaning Tablets

When thinking of the most important factors required to obtain a flavorful cup of coffee, we usually think of beans, grinders, high-performance machines, and milk frothers. An often forgotten but key component of a delicious cup of coffee is a clean coffee machine. Not paying attention to your machine’s upkeep will result in limescale and residue buildup, which will effect your appliance’s lifespan. Keep your lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and mochas tasting fresh with Breville’s cleaning tablets, which will remove every inch of residue from your shower screen and filter basket. Barista tip: Don’t forget to use filtered water and clean your steam wand and portafilters as well.

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The 3X Bluicer™ Pro

Meet bluicing, the art of juicing and then blending your ingredients. Breville’s 3X Bluicer™ Pro
juices, blends or combines both to turn all of your favorite fruits and vegetables into frozen drinks, creamy soups and everything in between. When bluicing, the juice extracted from your produce is poured into a blender pitcher to which you can add anything from crushed ice to yogurt, nuts, honey and blend them into a smoothie or slushy. Prepare tasty treats by effortlessly inserting whole fruit and vegetables into the wide chutes and choosing from 5 one-touch programs. It’s the perfect tool for making smoothie bowls, frozen Pina Coladas, frappes or green juices. It also keeps your drinks cold like no other and has an automatic cleaning cycle. What’s not to love? 

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Breville, The Barista Express


The Barista Express™

If you take your coffee seriously, you need a coffee machine that lives up to your high standards, and we guarantee that The Barista Express™ will not let you down. Featuring an integrated grinder and temperature stability system, it offers the finest espresso extraction. You can change the temperature and grind settings to make the World’s Best Cup of Coffee right at home, exactly to your liking. If you prefer a creamy latte to a bold espresso, the top-of-the-line manual microfoam milk texturing will create the prefect cloud-like froth. Sleek and elegant, it’ll also serve as gleaming countertop eye-candy.

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Breville, Barista Touch Coffee Machine


The Barista Touch™

If you prefer your kitchen appliances to be high-tech, perhaps the The Barista Touch™ is a better fit for you. This model is equipped with a touch screen that lets you choose from 5 pre-programmed settings and lets you save your own favorite combinations of temperature, milk texture and coffee strength under different names (“Carol’s Cuppa” or “Joe’s Java”, anyone?). It is also equipped with automatic micro-foam milk texturing so you can add the perfect froth to your latte or cappuccino and draw elaborate leaf or smiley face designs. Upgrade your morning ritual, skip your coffee run and enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep with this handsome device.

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Breville, Sous Chef 16 Pro


The Breville Sous Chef® 16 Pro

Food processors are one of the most versatile and useful appliances in your cookware arsenal. They allow you to be in complete control of your ingredients’ texture and make healthier versions of some of your favorite store-bought items right at home. Breville’s Sous Chef® 16 Pro presents different chute options to make processing produce of different sizes and thickness a breeze. Its heavy duty induction motor, variable slicing disc and 24 different settings will dice and slice all of your fruits and vegetables into the consistency of your liking. At the press of a button, you can dice tomatoes, emulsify a vinaigrette, make your own mayonnaise, chop your own nuts, invent your own herbes de Provence and garlic bread crumbs, purée your own baby food or make some dairy-free “nice-cream”. Take a minute to process all of the new recipes awaiting you.

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Breville, Combi Wave


The Combi Wave™ 3 in 1

The Combi Wave™ 3 in 1 is one of the most powerful, convenient and efficient microwaves out there. It can do anything from defrosting dishes to reheating leftovers, cooking a pizza, some grilled cheese sandwiches and a coffee cake… but also popping pop corn, air frying French fries and roasting an entire duck or chicken. Its Element IQ® system distributes heat much more evenly than a standard oven, which can often result in some undercooked or overcooked portions of a dish. This top-performing microwave will facilitate preparing large meals when having friends and family over by reducing the amount of pots, pans and ovenware in your oven and on your stovetop. Just imagine what Julia Child would have done with one of these…who knows what other acclaimed recipes she would have stunned the world with (and maybe how much less Mastering the Art of French Cooking would weigh).

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Breville, Handy Mix Scraper


The Handy Mix Scraper™

If you don’t have the countertop space for a stand mixer or simply don’t use one very often, have no fear, The Handy Mix Scraper™ is here. Hand mixers are incredibly convenient because of the mobility they offer: being lightweight, you can maneuver them with ease to blend every last bit of dough, and you can plug and use them anywhere outside of the kitchen if your counter is a bit cluttered in the middle of a baking session. Breville’s model featured attachments with rubber caps to protect your bowl from scrapes and your ears from disagreeable noise. The integrated timer will help you follow recipes to a T and the pause button is extremely useful when you need add ingredients before resuming your mixing. Paul Hollywood from the Great British Bake Off will NOT be saying “Flavors are there, but it’s a bit stodgy.” after you bake a cake with one of these.

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Breville, Panini Grill


The Panini Grill™

If you’re asking yourself “Should I get a panini grill?”, we feel confident affirming you should, after having gotten acquainted with Breville’s model. The Panini Grill™ is the Ferrari of panini presses: Its ribbed design will toast and melt your sandwich creations while letting fats drain effortlessly into the removable drip tray, which you can simply pop into the dishwasher. Make Remi from Ratatouille jealous with oogey-gooey cheese and flavorful toppings oozing out of charred ciabatta, baguette or sourdough bread: the ultimate comforting and cozy lunch. If you’re more of a wrap or burrito type of person, these can also easily be toasted after having been customized to your liking (“with extra guac, please”) with this panini grill.

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Breville, Smart Oven Air Fryer


The Smart Oven Air Fryer

Stop spending so much time waiting for your meal to be ready thanks to Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer. It reduces cooking time by about 30% compared to a standard oven, which saves a lot of time and energy, making it a more environmentally-friendly option that won’t leave your kitchen feeling like a hot (standard) oven. This air fryer isn’t only an appliance to make fried chicken and sweet potato fries, it can also cook a myriad of different dishes, from a 13” pizza to a whole chicken, pita chips, zucchini fries, lasagna, roasted salmon, deep dish apple pie… the list goes on and on. It’s incredibly easy to use, all you have to do is browse and select the appropriate setting by turning the sleek knobs and consulting the LCD screen. Discover a whole new way to roast, toast, bake and fry your meals.

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