Thanksgiving Hosting Essentials

Thanksgiving Hosting Essentials

Thanksgiving, one of the most beloved holidays of the year, is right around the corner. If you're hosting friends and family on October 10, you may feel like you have a daunting task ahead of you, between the hours spent cooking and decorating involved. However, like in any other situation, you can considerably alleviate your holiday prep stress by making sure in advance that you're equipped to host - Hence why we've compiled a list of Thanksgiving hosting essentials to help you celebrate in style. From Le Creuset cookware to Jonathan Adler modern statement pieces or Christofle flatware, Maison Lipari has all of your bases covered. 

Zwilling, Hi-dome Roaster

Zwilling, Multi-use Hi-Dome Roaster

Zwilling's Multi-use Hi-Dome Roaster is the perfect dish to cook this year's turkey or vegetarian tofurkey. Its high-dome (hi-dome?) shape traps moisture extremely efficiently, which guarantees the most tender and juicy meat or poultry. This is crucial since everybody knows the worst faux-pas you can commit on Thanksgiving is serving dry turkey, which no amount of gravy or cranberry sauce can make up for. A soon-to-be holiday cooking-favourite, this stainless steel kitchen accessory can also be used year-round to roast, braise or brown any kind of meat or vegetables. Bonus: The lid doubles as a serving platter with two handles.

Jonathan Adler, Nixon Bowl

Jonathan Adler, Brass Nixon Centerpiece Bowl

Jonathan Adler's Brass Nixon Centerpiece Bowl echoes the yellow foliage from beech trees and maple trees, which is more than appropriate for a Thanksgiving table setting. Inspired by the classic Greek key pattern or "meander", this golden statement piece will be the divine focal point of your coffee table, kitchen island, or dining table. Whether you fill it with a dozen Fuji apples or Granny Smith apples, this decorative bowl will turn turn your fruit display into a sumptuous, modern-day cornucopia. 


Dutch Deluxes, Ceramic Food Stand - Large - Platinum

Dutch Deluxes, Ceramic Food Stand Platinum Large

Make your life easier and your table look lovelier by placing a food stand in the middle of your assortment of placemats, dinner plates, pitchers, trays, etc. This lustrous platinum-colored food stand by Dutch Deluxes will add some dimension to your tablescape thanks to its height and ring pattern while displaying all of your hors d'oeuvres or miniature desserts. Surprisingly, this ceramic serving accessory is oven and microwave safe, in case you need to heat and serve some pie to appease a heated political discussion between family members.

Jonathan Adler, Mini Bel Air Scoop Vase - Orange

Jonathan Adler, Mini Bel Air Scoop Vase - Orange

This vivid orange vase will add an extra touch of autumn to your Thanksgiving floral arrangement. Any bouquet will instantly brighten up any room, let alone a bouquet displayed in a bright orange acrylic vase. Compliment the rest of your Thanksgiving theme by using seasonal flowers like sunflowers, orange daisies, dried craspedia, or even orange tulips. This vase's design is sure to catch your guests' attention: It'll make the flowers look like they're floating in mid-air, in an opaque orange bubble.Christofle, 24-Pc Mood Flatware Set - Rose Gold

Christofle, 24-Pc Mood Flatware Set - Rose Gold

The quickest and most efficient way to become THE friend that hosts Thanksgiving, the Monica Geller of your friend and family group, is by gracing your tablescape with Christofle's Rose Gold 24-Pc Mood Flatware Set for 6. The elegant egg-shaped box container includes 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives, 6 table spoons, 6 coffee/dessert spoons, each item gilded with rose gold. Featured in Architectural Digest and Harper's Bazaar, this gleaming cutlery will instantly turn any meal into a special occasion.


Thanksgiving Tablescape

An ideal Thanksgiving Tablescape, only complete with pie and a revamped pumpkin decoration. 

Fox Run, Ironwood Cheese Board & Knife Set

Fox Run, Ironwood Cheese Board & Knife Set

Thanksgiving is indubitably synonymous with a large feast composed of several courses which include but aren't limited to mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, buttery green beans, sweet potato casserole, and so many more... However many dishes are included in the day's menu, there is no reason to skip the appetizers, dips and cheese boards as your guests enjoy the CFL's Thanksgiving Day Classic. This compact cheese board and knife set by Fox Run is the perfect accessory to present your assortment of gouda, gooey brie and flavorful (depending on who you ask) camembert.

Le Creuset Bread Oven White

Le Creuset, Bread Oven - White

No scent is more inviting than the aroma of fresh bread in the oven wafting through your home as your guests take off their coats and settle into a spot on the couch or mingle around the kitchen island for a chat and a taste of your apple pie batter. Impress all of your Thanksgiving attendees with homemade ciabatta or sourdough bread thanks to Le Creuset's enamelled cast iron Bread Oven, which retains moisture and distributes heat like no other, guaranteeing a golden crispy crust for every single loaf. Its snow white color will complement any minimalist or modern kitchen decor once its out of the oven and displayed on your stovetop.

Le Creuset, Oval Au Gratin Dish - 24 cm - Cerise

Le Creuset, Heritage Oval Au Gratin Dish - 24 cm - Cerise

Any Thanksgiving classic dish that consists of a gooey interior and a crispy crust can be cooked in Le Creuset's 24 cm Cerise Heritage Oval Au Gratin Dish. Its shallow shape will guarantee an even browning of the top layer of its contents, right below the broiler. You'll easily wow your guests with an outstanding mac and cheese, green bean and chestnut casserole or creamy cauliflower gratin. This non-porous ceramic dish can be used to bake all of your favorite comfort foods year-round and will delight friends and family for years to come.

Luigi Bormioli, Set of 4 Bordeaux Wine Glasses

Luigi Bormioli, Set of 4 Talismano Bordeaux Wine Glasses

Host an exquisitely elegant Thanksgiving dinner with this Set of 4 Talismano Bordeaux Wine Glasses by the maestro of fine Italian glassware, Luigi Bormioli. Crafted from high quality crystal, these versatile stemmed wine glasses come in an elegant glossy finish that will complement any tablescape aesthetic. Each glass features a long stem and a wide bowl to bring out the flavors of any Bordeaux, a classic full-bodied wine.


  • Matteo Prudhomme

    I love Le Creuset but I had never seen their Bread Oven. OMG, what a great idea, and for Thanksgiving!

  • Willou

    Really looking forward to thanksgiving!! I am now hungry after picturing my turkey roasting in Zwilling’s Multi-use Hi-Dome Roaster.

  • Louise

    Absolutely love this!!

  • Brogan

    Wow ! All looks so good. Le crueset is the best, I might need that bread oven !

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