New Arrivals: Outdoor Living

New Arrivals: Outdoor Living

Summer is finally upon us, as can be confirmed by a recent invitation to spend a week-end at your friend's cottage by a lake, the fact that you're reading this very blog post, a recent bathing suit shopping trip and upcoming three-day long weekend holidays. All of this points towards you spending more time on your patio, front porch or backyard pool, likely with friends and family. We've compiled a list of essential outdoor furniture, acrylic tableware and mesmerizing serveware to help you become a summertime expert host. Enjoy!
Filicudi Chair - Balsam Green

Qeeboo, Filicudi Armchair - Balsam Green

Named after one of the Lipari islands (which are named after us, obviously), this chair can be used outdoors or indoors thanks to its resistant brass base and polyethylene composition, a type of plastic that only required to be wiped down to be kept clean. Designed by the one and only Marcantonio, this chair mimics the design of the prickly pear, also known as the pear cactus (why are they called prickly pears, you may ask? Because of their purple fruit, which, we beg to differ, has a striking resemblance to a purple potato, which is rather less exotic). The cacti-shaped chair will have you dreaming of going on holiday, to Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco, where the prickly "pear" can be found...

Rabbit Chair - White
Qeeboo, Rabbit Chair - White

Hop into summer with another one of Qeeboo's chairs, the iconic Rabbit Chair. Delightfully unusual, this polyethylene piece of furniture will inject your patio or balcony's decor with a dose of contemporary playfulness which will perhaps awaken a sense of childlike awe. The chair was designed by Stefano Giovannoni an be sat on by leaning against the ears with one's back or by leaning against them with one's chest while resting your forearms on top of them. Please note that some have said the chair sometimes sports a waistcoat and a remarkably large stopwatch...


Jamelia Beach Towel
Missoni Home, Jamelia Beach Towel

Whether you're beach-bound and channeling your inner Casey Jean Parker from Baywatch or pool-bound and feeling inspired by Elle Woods drifting around on her bright blue floatie, you're going to need a beach towel. Made out of 100% plush cotton that feels as soft as velvet, it's as comfortable to lie on while laying down on the sand or a in a sunchair. Sporting the Missoni Home's iconic butterfly pattern and bright colors is the ideal way to celebrate the sunshine season in style.


Light To Go Cordless Lamp - Cotton White
Koziol, Light To Go Cordless Lamp - Cotton White

Koziol has pushed the boundaries of creativity ever since its launch in 1927 as a home and office objects manufacturer. Today, the brand is not only known for its innovative products, but for its commitment to sustainability as a CO₂-neutral company. The Light To Go cordless lamp incredibly convenient since it can be taken from your bedside table for reading to your outside dining table for late-night conversations under the stars. This small but mighty invention can remain lit for up to 14 hours and is rechargeable with a USB cable. Made with environmentally-friendly cellulose, this lamp will make your outdoor events feel warm and welcoming, and is sure to become your favorite summer entertaining accessory.

Double Face Tumblers - Turquoise

Mario Luca Giusti, Set of 6 Double Face Tumblers - Turquoise

Mario Luca Giusti has completely changed the game of outdoor dining. No more needing to worry about breaking plates when carrying them from the kitchen to the patio, or about a gust of wind spilling your glass of wine or water by the pool, leaving treacherous bits of glass behind. The Italian brand creates dinnerware and glassware inspired by the Victorian era that seems straight out of a Bridgerton episode thanks to its pastel colors. These translucent turquoise tumblers feature all the advantages standard tumblers without the heaviness and breakability of glass - Truly, a win-win-win glass. 

Set of 6 St. Tropez Dinner Plates - Yellow
Mario Luca Giusti - Set of 6 St. Tropez Dinner Plates - Yellow

Like sea and sand, these yellow melamine plates by Mario Luca Giusti pair beautifully with the brand's turquoise tumblers. Appropriately named after the city of sunshine, olive groves, and Brigitte Bardot, these almost ochre plates will illuminate any summertime tablescape. Made out of melamine, they perfectly replicate the look of stoneware, are extremely easy to clean, can be popped into the dishwasher, and most importantly are practically unbreakable.  Bon Appétit!

Tiffany Pitcher - Milky White
Guzzini, Tiffany Pitcher - Milky White

No outdoor feast would be complete without a pitcher filled with a refreshing, fruity drink. Guzzini's Milky White Tiffany Pitcher features an eye-catching cushioned embossed pattern and a tight-fitting lid that will prevent any spillage of beverage or ice cubes. Made out of impact-resistant plastic, it'll make its way back onto your table no matter how many times it's knocked over on the table or by the pool. 

Make sure to try our favorite spiked lemonade recipe and serve it in Guzzini's Tiffany Pitcher this summer. 




   - 1.5 cups of sugar

   - 5 cups of water

   - 7 cups of ice cubes

   - 4 cups of lemon juice

   - 1 tablespoon of grated lemon zest

   - 1 cup of vodka





1. Mix water, lemon zest and sugar in a saucepan on low-heat until all the sugar is dissolved.

2. Stir in lemon juice.

3. Pour in pitcher & place in refrigerator 2 hours.

4. Add vodka.

5. Serve with lemon slices and fresh mint. 

Mini Ramekins - Rainbow
Le Creuset, Rainbow Mini Ramekins

Celebrate summer and the start of Pride Month with Le Creuset's Set of 6 Mini Rainbow Ramekins. These small stoneware dishes feature the French brand's iconic three-ring design, synonymous with a countryside cottage aesthetic that'll give your terrace a comfortable yet sophisticated feel. This set is incredibly versatile, as they can be used to hold spices while cooking or to serve miniature chocolate mousses or panna cottas at your next backyard BBQ. 

Mustique Salad Bowl
Jonathan Adler, Mustique Salad Bowl

Who doesn't enjoy a crunchy, fresh salad in the shade on a hot summer day? Treat yourself to a DIY version of La Scala's famous chopped salad with chickpeas, salami and mozzarella, the Paltrow-approved Ivy Grilled Vegetable Salad or a classic watermelon and feta salad. Jonathan Adler's bright blue Mustique salad bowl seems to be made out of marble from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. However, it's actually  made from food-safe resin that is incredibly easy to wash by hand. Look no further than this bowl for a piece of serveware that doubles as your table's centerpiece. 


White Champagne Bucket Tina Frey



Tina Frey, Champagne Bucket - White

Proper champagne-drinking etiquette requires a bottle of bubbly to be chilled in a champagne bucket for exactly 30 minutes before being uncorked. Obviously, this maintains the drink's ideal serving temperature of 7 to 9 °C, but it also makes the champagne less gassy, which makes it less prone to spilling when opened. Made out of white sculpted resin, this Tina Frey model almost looks like a solidified canvas bag, which gives the piece a natural, perfectly imperfect aesthetic. Whether you prefer Bollinger, Dom Perignon or Cava in your glass, this minimalist champagne bucket will elevate any outdoor meal.

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