Mediterranean Decor 101

Mediterranean Decor 101

When you think of anything Mediterranean, perhaps cherished memories from a trip abroad come to mind, or a heart-healthy cookbook recommended by your doctor, or even your favorite scene from Mama Mia!, To Catch A Thief  or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Whether you have a strong or not-yet-existent link with the Mediterranean Sea, our selection of must-have items inspired by the Mediterranean aesthetic will blow a seaside breeze of soap from Marseille, Murano glass, authentic recipes and fragrant candles to refresh your home. 
Mario Luca Giusti Set of 6 Patagonia Plates

Mario Luca Giusti, Set of 6 Patagonia Plates - Blue & Brown

Rattan is a particularly popular choice of material for outdoor furniture because of its ability to resist harsh meteorological conditions. Thanks to the region's gorgeous weather, most of its inhabitants spend a lot of time outside, likely sipping on a glass of Spritz or Pastis, on rattan outdoor chairs, stools and loveseats. Mario Luca Giusti's Set of 6 Patagonia Plates is inspired by this popular wicker technique in The Med and is just as resistant and suited for outdoor usage thanks to its melamine composition.


Compagnie de Provence, Liquid Marseille Soap - Sweet Almond

Compagnie de Provence, Liquid Marseille Soap - Sweet Almond

If you've ever visited the South of France, you've likely seen big blocks of green and white Savon de Marseille everywhere from souvenir shops to high-end skincare boutiques and vibrant markets. Invented and made in Marseille, the Phocaean City, since 1370, this soap is revered for being dye-free, lye-free, and suitable for sensitive skins. For those who prefer a liquid version, Compagnie de Provence's Sweet Almond Liquid Marseille Soap will gently cleanse and hydrate your hands while filling your bathroom or kitchen with the soft, sweet and nutty scent of almonds, a symbol of Provence. 


Typical Mediterranean Village

Typical Mediterranean Village 

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook
The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

 Cook dishes with the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean coast: Poppy red tomatoes, olive green olives, lavender cabbage... The Mediterranean diet is recommended by doctors all around the world because it is rich in plant-based foods such as whole grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes and herbs. It also recommends one glass of red wine per day (say no more). Follow America's Test Kitchen's recipes to learn how to make stuffed squid, garlic aïoli and ratatouille (the rat's name in the movie is Remy, not Ratatouille, which is a dish composed of eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini). All you need to complete your Mediterranean kitchen is a set of Terracotta tiles. 


           Le Jacquard Français, Nature Urbaine Napkin - Green

Le Jacquard Français, Nature Urbaine Napkin - Green

Le Jacquard Français is a staple of French table linens and a lot of their products are definitely inspired by the often floral patterns of nappes Provençales or tablecloths from Provence. This Green Nature Urbaine Napkin's shades of green evoke olive trees and almond trees, two primary ingredients from dishes and skincare products in the South of France, but also in Valencia in Apulia. Made out of 100% long staple combed cotton, this tablecloth is as soft as it is resistant.


Assouline, Mykonos Muse
Assouline, Mykonos Muse

Discover the Island of the Winds by flipping through Assouline's Mykonos Muse, a fascinating coffee table book composed of texts and photographs by Greek photographer Lizy Manola. The vivid descriptions and two-page-spead photographs will have you booking your plane tickets in no time to spend your summer on the island known for its incredible seafood, scenic beaches, gay-friendly community and mezze dining culture. The bright blue cover and Greek Evil Eye pattern will be sure to make this book your coffee table's new centerpiece. It is thought that wearing an Evil Eye will ward off bad luck and misfortune - Better to hope for the best outside and keep this six-pound, three hundred-page inside your home. 



 When In Mykonos


Carlo Moretti, Murano Glass Talea Pitcher

Carlo Moretti, Murano Glass Talea Pitcher - Turquoise & White

Add a hint of Mediterranean elegance to your kitchen's countertop or to your dining room's table with Carlo Moretti's Murano Glass Talea Pitcher. Made out of hand-blown Murano glass from Venice's sister island, the brand's sculptural glasses and serveware a a true testament to Italian excellence and expert craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation since 1291. The blue, turquoise and white stripes evoke the different hues of the sea and scattered seashells on the shore.


Missoni Home, Mediterraneo Candle

Missoni Home, Mediterraneo Scented Candle

Brighten your home with Missoni Home's Mediterraneo Scented Candle and fill each room with the intoxicating blend of Italian basil, ozone/marine accord, lavender, fig, cedarwood and white musk for up to seventy hours. Your interior decor will become resolutely modern thanks to this candle's wave-like pattern and bright sky blue, ocean turquoise, sand beige and whitewashed Mykonos homes white. 


Cire Trudon, Le Diffuseur Cyrnos

Trudon, Le Diffuseur Cyrnos

Trudon's Cyrnos Diffuser is named after the Villa Cyrnos, the heavenly house that was built for Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III. The scent is inspired by the Empress' famous herb garden, which was filled with pine trees, olive trees and fig trees. The head notes of lemon and thyme, the heart notes of pine and lavender and the base notes of patchouli and cashmere wood will give your home a fresh and herbaceous fragrance while the iconic green vessel, which seems to be made from the same glass as a champagne bottle, will give your home a royal, sophisticated look.

Assouline, Provence Glory
Assouline, Provence Glory

Travel to Provence, the place Paul Cézanne described as "When you're born here, it's everything. Nothing else will do". Written by Francois Simon, the ex-food critic from Le Figaro paints a beautiful picture of the Southern region's distinct cultural identity: its own provençal dialect, the wild white horses of Camargue, idyllic beaches and calanques (narrow, limestone-walled inlets like the one in the picture bellow), lavender fields, and renown artists and authors such as Marcel Pagnol and Alphone Daudet. The region's picturesque landscapes have always attracted beloved artists from around the world such as Picasso and Charles Aznavour. Follow in their footsteps and head to Aix-en-Provence for a glass of Panaché and some green olive tapenade. 


When in Provence
Guzzini, 24-Pc Flatware Set - Mediterranean Blue

Guzzini 24-Pc Mediterranean Blue Flatware Set

Clearly, the color blue is an integral part of Mediterranean decor, the sea being at the heart of every coastal city of the region's culinary and artistic culture, and the focal point of the tourism industry. Guzzini's 24-Pc set is made out of stainless steel and ABS plastic, the same incredibly robust plastic Legos are made with, so you can be assured they will last a very long time. Each fork, knife, spoon and dessert spoon is as durable as it is light and comfortable to hold, and will add a glimpse of Marseille's calanques to your table. 


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