Springtime Celebrations

Springtime Celebrations

Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner, a Passover Seder or an Iftar during Ramadan, springtime celebrations are around the corner and it’s time to make sure you’re fully equipped to design a tablescape fit for the occasion. Cook and decorate your way through this spring holiday with our selection of earthy table linens, egg-shaped accessories and vegetable-shaped serveware (yes, you read that right). Without further ado:


Christofle, Mood Party 24-Pc Flatware SetChristofle, Mood Party 24-Pc Flatware Set

Nothing says “spring is here” like an egg-shaped statement piece in honor of nature’s nesting season. Christofle’s Fabergé-esque Mood flatware set includes six silver plated butter knives, six small spoons, six dessert forks and six cocktail picks: Everything you could need for an elegant aperitif display of deviled eggs, mini spinach quiches or crudités. If you’re attending a gathering, you’re sure to become the host’s favorite guest the moment you walk through the doorway with this iconic flatware set. 

Sabre, Icône 5-Pc Set - WhiteSabre, Icône 5-Pc Set - White

Known for their bold and bright patterned cutlery, the classic French flatware brand also offers timeless, neutral versions of everybody’s favorite bistrot-style forks and knives. Their discreet, simple color and silhouette could very well be seen at Queen Elizabeth’s elaborate garden parties or a table en terrasse at Toqué!. The smooth acrylic handles will feel comfortable to grip from the meal’s start to finish and make them appropriate for everyday use as well as celebratory feasts. 


Ester + Erik, Taper Candle - Matte Old RoseEster + Erik, Taper Candle - Matte Old Rose

There’s nothing like a row of tapered candles to dress up a banquet table. The sleek shape and unembellished look of these pink Ester + Erik ones will give any room a Scandinavian, minimalist style that is perfect for adding some color to your table without overloading your tasteful combination of tableware, floral arrangements and mouthwatering dishes. Ideally, you want to be able to look your guests in the eye while conversing with them while adding a soft glow to your setup.  

Le Creuset, Classic Serving Bowl - SageLe Creuset, Classic Serving Bowl - Sage

Spring is synonymous with floral patterns but also with all things green, like the leaves and flower buds that take over naked trees and soft grass that replaces dull, plain dirt. Celebrate the end of winter’s slumber with Le Creuset’s Sage Classic Serving Bowl. Made out of durable stoneware, it’ll become your go-to piece of serveware for many springtime celebrations to come. Its 4.2 liter capacity is perfect for serving any fruit or vegetable salad or matzo brei. 

Le Jacquard Français, Jardin d’Orient Tablecloth - GreenLe Jacquard Français, Jardin d’Orient Tablecloth - Green

Like we said above, green is the colors of spring. The tablecloth is the foundation of your tablescape, which will set the tone for the rest of not only your table’s decor, but your dining room’s (or patio’s if your having an outdoor celebratory meal). Inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech (has anybody else been watching Inventing Anna?), this tablecloth will give your appetizer, entrées, dessert and extra dessert a warm, floral backdrop. 

AVF, Candy Bowl - Petite - White
AVF, Candy Bowl - Petite - White

Display your almond macaroons, jelly fruit slices, chocolate eggs or Peeps (whether you enjoy the classic yellow saccharine birdies or the hot tamales fierce cinnamon ones, no judging from us) in this white candy bowl made by the queen of acrylic homeware, Alexandra von Furstenberg. The translucent base and the opaque white bowl will give your guests the illusion that your sweet treats are floating midair. 


 Cire Trudon, L’Œuf Diffuser - Abd El Kader

Cire Trudon, L’Œuf Diffuser - Abd El Kader

Stay on-theme by adding this symbol of Earth and life to your dining room decor: An egg-shaped diffuser. Infuse your home with a delicious mix of lemon, mint, jasmine, vanilla and blackcurrant before your guests’ arrival and after their departure to dismiss the various smells wafting in from your kitchen. Akin to an ostrich egg, this stunning unglazed ceramic diffuser sits on an elegant black wood stand that will fit on any end table or coffee table. 


Royal Doulton Bunnykins 3-Pc Childrens SetRoyal Doulton Bunnykins 3-Pc Childrens Set

Peter Rabbit, is that you? This three-piece children dinnerware set includes a bowl, a plate and a mug that feature illustrations of bunnies mailing letters, purchasing treats at a bakery and enjoying a bucolic picnic that seem straight out of a book. Made out of fine bone China, these are sure to become a mealtime special request for little ones. Might we suggest indulging in a childhood classic such as The Prince of Egypt or It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown to end the festivities on a comforting note once the guests have departed? 

Villeroy & Boch, Artesano 30-Pc Dinnerware Set - White
Villeroy & Boch, Artesano 30-Pc Dinnerware Set - White

Spring forward to a key element to any table setting: Dinnerware. This set has you covered from the asparagus appetizer to the Earl Grey tea served with dessert. It includes six dinner plates, six salad plates, six pasta bowls, six teacups and six tea cup saucers that will add a charmingly rustic touch to your rainbow salads, honey-glazed ham or brisket and fluffy potato kugel. Made out of white porcelain, pair these with the matching white Sabre Icône 5-Pc Set to create a flawlessly neat and elegant aesthetic or colorful flatware for a whimsical note.  


Bordallo Pinheiro, Cabbage Domed Cheese Tray


Bordallo Pinheiro, Cabbage Domed Cheese Tray

Add the perfect finishing touch to your meal with this garden-patch-to-table earthenware cheese tray. Its dome will create an environment with the proper humidity level to protect the texture of your Asiago, Camembert, Brie and Manchego cheeses while giving your savory dessert a voilà! factor as you unveil your selection. Shaped like a cabbage, we like to think whatever it covers counts as a serving of leafy greens. What’s not to like about healthy-habit-encouraging, unexpected serveware?

Enjoy your spring festivities!


  • Gui

    Def getting my pregnant friend that peter rabbit set for her baby shower, I had the same one as a kid sooo cute

  • Matteo Prudhomme

    Very nice tablecloth for spring! I will have to see if my wife agrees!

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