Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

What better way to support women this 111th International Women’s Day than by shopping women-owned businesses?  We’ve rounded up a curated list of some of our favorite women-founded brands to shine a spotlight on some of the leaders of the homeware industry. From sculptural vases to pet accessories, delicate napkins rings and coffee table books, find the perfect gift to celebrate any mother, sister, daughter, wife or friend. 


Anissa Kermiche, Popotin Vase - Navy

Anissa Kermiche’s home decor accessories are inspired by the female form and honor feminine silhouettes of all shapes and sizes. Named after a French endearing term for a backside, this glazed ceramic vase will give any bouquet of dried or fresh flowers a charming and unexpected base. Placed on top of a pile of coffee table books, on a nightstand, or a floating shelf, it’ll effortlessly blend into any decor aesthetic.

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Anissa Kermiche, Asstray - Black

Whoever said “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” might not have been thinking of protecting your outside furniture or patio’s floor, but we sure are. You never know when you might need an ashtray if you’re having guests over so it’s always better to be equipped with one. Adorned with two embossed silhouettes, this matte ceramic asstray can double as an intriguing decorative accent on its own.

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The Laundress, Classic Fabric Conditioner

Keep your clothes and home linens fresh and clean with this fabric conditioner, A.K.A the fabric softener with the most delightful fragrance. One 100% recycled bottle of this hotel-quality product will reduce static cling, smooth out wrinkles and soften fabrics for sixteen washes. Some say it smells so good, you can skip the perfume spritz.

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La Double J, Set of 6 Slinky Napkins - Pink & Green

If Mr. Gatsby was throwing an extravagant party for International Women’s Day in West Egg in 2022, he’d definitely opt for these Art Deco-inspired napkins. Made out of linen, they’ll soften after every wash and won’t feel rough on the skin as your wipe away spillage or crumbs during dinner. Pair them with matching placemats for a colorful springtime tablescape.

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Kim Seybert, Napkin Ring Cage - Silver

This exquisite silver-coated brass napkin holder will elevate any cloth napkin for an ultra-chic table setting. Inspired by bird cages, the spiralling geometric structure will complement your napkin without stealing its show. Its metallic color will pair beautifully with the brand’s acrylic placemat inspired by granite from mountains and volcanoes.

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Via Maris, Rest Candleholder - Sand

Give your dining room a sophisticated look when celebrating Shabbat with a sophisticated candlestick. This steel model doesn’t weigh much but won’t tip over thanks to its curved base. It’s meant to be paired with some clay (terracotta), cloud (off-white) or sand (yellow) Shabbat candles. Each of the two components will catch wax drippings, protecting your tablecloth and furniture from a messy clean-up session. These candles will illuminate any room with a gorgeous glow.

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Arte Italica, Tuscan Coffee Canister with Spoon

If you want to enjoy your at-home coffee like a local from Trieste, Italy’s coffee capital, your coffee deserves to be kept in the most elegant canister. Made out of pewter and white ceramic, this air-tight container will keep your ground beans fresh while adding a Borgia-esque touch to your kitchen’s countertop. It even comes with a matching silver spoon that can be suspended onto the canister itself so you’re always ready to make some espresso at a moment’s notice. 

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Haute Diggity Dog, Starbarks Placemat

Even your furry family member deserves to be treated to Starbies. A drive to your local café for a pup cup of whipped cream is one thing, a placemat that accompanies every meal at home is another. Adorned with iconic drinks adapted to a pet-friendly vernacular such as “Puppermint Mocha”, “Pupkin Spice Latte” or “Frenchie Roast”, this green, brown and white placemat will elevate your pet’s everyday dining routine.

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Versace Home, Heart Baroque Pouch - Small

If any brand captures the essence of the Italian Baroque period, it’s Versace: from exuberant details to a rich gold and a dense pattern, this cotton toiletry pouch will make any on-the-go kit of makeup or self-care essentials a luxurious accessory. Like most Versace items, it’s decorated with the head of Medusa, which is thought to ward off negative energy, and who doesn’t want that?

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Assouline, Amalfi Coast

Take a trip to Italy’s lovely Amalfi Coast while waiting for spring to officially arrive. Dive into 296 pages of picturesque towns and cliffside views of the Mediterranean Sea to discover the area’s most beautiful hikes, world-renowned restaurants and luxurious hotels. This thirteen-inch-long and ten-inch-wide book will become your coffee table’s centerpiece when you’re not flipping through breath-taking pictures of Furore, Minori or Positano and picturing yourself as Sophia Loren in Scandal in Sorrento

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  • Louise

    What a beautiful selection! Let’s make IWD every day!

  • Sarah

    Exactly ! No better way to celebrate international Women’s day by supporting those businesses :) will definitely check out the Assouline, Amalfi coast to dream about Italy..

  • Jeanne

    Love le vase popotin!

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