February’s New Arrivals

Our latest and greatest have arrived just in time to give your home some TLC in the icy, bleak midwinter. From bold tabletop accessories to dazzling books and bathroom counter extras, discover our selection of must-have timeless items that’ll effortlessly become a part of your home decor.
La Double J, Farfalle Placemats

La Double J, Set of 2 Farfalle Placemats 

Maximalism is back: Are we perhaps beginning to experience an artistic and cultural renaissance similar to those of the Roaring ‘20s, or the Années Folles, after also being locked up inside during a pandemic? Now that the world is opening back up, we find ourselves craving creativity, energy and colors, which these placemats encapsulate all at once. The whimsical, pasta-shaped pattern and mix of teal, seafoam, red, pink and yellow tones result in an eye-catching motif that makes these placemats an essential accessory to any modern dinner table.

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La Double J, Set of 6 Dessert Plates

La Double J, Set of 6 Slinky Dessert Plates 

Less is not more, more is more! Pair the Farfalle placemats with this set of 6 dessert plates for a completely eclectic table setting. The mix of 4 different patterns, from a matching pasta-inspired one to a slinky-shaped one, a polka-dot one and one similar to the Necker Cube optical illusion are harmoniously chaotic without being overwhelming since they use the same color palette. Give your dinner table an Emily-In-Paris-meets-groovy- 1960s-patterns (a remarkable combination) touch for a completely unexpected and outstanding tablescape.
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Sklo, Amber Wrap Accessory

Sklo, Wrap Accessory - Amber

All eyes on your coffee table’s new VIP accessory made by Sklo, which means “glass” in Czech. No other brand makes sklo quite like Sklo, as shown by this abstract wrap accessory. Your guests’ attention will immediately be drawn to this complex hand-blown glass fisherman’s knot the color of liquid gold or honeyed amber upon entering your living room. Its fluid silhouette gives it a captivating organic quality that will look as great on its own as paired with a matching accessory of  different size and color like this one.
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Culti Milano, Aramara Stile Diffuser 

Culti Milano, Aramara Stile Diffuser - 1000 ml

Candles are for adding an inviting fragrance and soft glow to a room, but sometimes you want your home to smell delicious without having to monitor a flame. This is where diffusers step in and simplify your life: Add this model by Culti Milano to your homeware collection if you want your home to smell like a floral garden while being able to get on with your day. Breathe in the scents of orange, bergamot and sandalwood by inserting the elegant, black reed sticks into the glass container. Bring the intoxicating scent into your bathroom with the diffuser’s matching liquid hand soap.

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Taschen, Great Escapes: Mediterranean

Taschen, Great Escapes: Mediterranean

Travel the world from the comfort of your living room’s couch by following Angelika Taschen’s path through France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Croatia and many more countries of the Mediterranean Basin. One of the latest additions from Taschen’s Great Escapes collection, this book will reveal the most wonderful places to sleep, eat, walk, swim and drink. From idyllic resorts to pristine beaches, food markets bustling with life and mouthwatering dishes, fall in love with the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in as little as a few pages. Follow up your reading session with a Midnight in Paris, Eat, Pray, Love or Mamma Mia! movie night and you’ll have a hard time not packing a suitcase the next day.
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Rizzoli, Half Baked Harvest

Rizzoli, Half Baked Harvest 

Your favorite food blogger’s recipe book has arrived on our (virtual and physical) shelves. Transform your kitchen into Tieghan Gerard’s Colorado barn-turned-rustic-home and discover her sophisticated take on classic comfort food recipes. You’ll master the art of preparing vanilla marshmallows, banana bread, butternut squash soup, cedar plank salmon and vegan chocolate chip cookies in no time. Known for having said that every diet should include a little bit of chocolate because life is all about balance, you can rest assured that your cooking skills are in good hands.
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Compagnie de Provence, Rosemary Liquid Marseille Soap

Compagnie de Provence, Rosemary Liquid Marseille Soap 

Savon de Marseille, or Marseille soap, has been used as a laundry detergent and hand or body soap for about 600 years. To this day, it’s extremely popular because of how gentle it is on sensitive skin thanks to its vegetable oil composition. Compagnie de Provence’s invigorating rosemary version is enhanced by notes of sage, lavender and blood orange and its liquid form will spare you the hassles of solid soap that slips and slides around a soap dish. Free of sulfates and enriched with olive oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter, it’ll keep your skin clean and hydrated. Keep a refill on hand to make sure you never run out.
Belle de Provence, Bijou Bowl

Belle de Provence, Bijou Bowl 

There’s a reason marble patterns are found in most bathrooms and kitchens: They’re truly timeless and have an irrevocably luxurious je ne sais quoi to them. The swirling, veined design graces Egyptian busts, the Bahá’í Temple and Beata Heuman’s velvet furniture, only to name a few. Handmade in India by skilled artisans, Belle de Provence’s black and white marble Bijou Bowl will keep your precious trinkets and delicate jewelry pieces safe and sound. Pair it with a matching soap dish or tumbler for a complete, polished look.

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Assouline, Arabian Leopard

Assouline, Arabian Leopard 

Meet one of planet Earth’s most treasured, intriguing, and unfortunately endangered felines by flipping through Assouline’s Arabian Leopard. Written by Andrew Spalton, the renown wildlife conservationist, you’ll learn all about the subspecies’ journey from Africa to Arabia, their habitat, behavior, history, and the threats they face today. The book is also filled with breathtaking photographs, illustrations and artwork which will mesmerize you for hours on end. The cover alone is a fabulous explosion of colours that’ll elevate any bookshelf or coffee table.
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Matouk, Milagro Bath Sheet


Matouk, Milagro Bath Sheet - White

Treat yourself to an at-home pampering experience by swapping your bath towel for a bath sheet. These are larger than the former and far more absorbent, which means you’ll be shivering a lot less as you step out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor. They’re even large enough to lounge around in as you do your skincare or sip on some tea before starting or ending your day. Matouk’s Milagro design is made out of long-staple white cotton, which will feel soft and plush against the skin no matter how many times you wash it.
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