All About Le Creuset

All About Le Creuset

One of our favorite brands is none other than Le Creuset, the revered French cookware and tableware brand known for its durable stoneware and iconic colors (when you hear of “Flame” or “Artichaut” saucier or plates, you know they’re Le Creuset). Created in 1925 in Fresnoy-le-Grand by three Belgian industrialists, the brand’s beginnings are rooted in creating cast iron French ovens, but its expertise has since expanded to all sorts of cookware and dining accessories. We’ve gathered a selection of our some bold red (Cerise) breakfast basics, bakeware essentials, bright blue (Blueberry) cooking items and dark green (Artichaut) everyday dinnerware. Bon appétit! 

French Press - Cerise

Start your day with a cup of fresh French press coffee. French press is probably one of the most convenient coffee makers for mornings where you want to sit down and enjoy your coffee instead of gulping it down at your kitchen island or counter. Boil some water with the brand’s matching kettle, steep your coffee for five minutes and bring this bright, rose red stoneware French press to your dining room table so you can pour yourself a couple of cups as you read your paper or dive into your current favorite book.



Set of 4 Classic Appetizer Plates - Cerise

What’s breakfast without… breakfast? We’re all guilty of only having a cup of coffee before rushing off to our day’s activities from time to time but waking up a little earlier to have a proper breakfast really is worth it (sitting down to enjoy your first meal of the day jut hits different than inhaling a banana in your car or the subway). These four stoneware appetizer plates are the perfect size to enjoy a simple piece of toast with your favorite preserves or a decadent Gossip Girl-style brunch spread with loved ones on a week-end morning. 


Set of 2 Classic Cappuccino Cup and Saucer - Cerise

These matching cups and saucers will turn your morning coffee into an authentic Italian caffè experience. Whether you prefer a bold espresso, an oat milk latte or an almond mochaccino, you’ll feel as elegant as Audrey Hepburn sipping on her morning brew in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and as excited as Buddy in Elf when he discovers the world’s best cup of coffee. If your beverage cools off too much as you soak in the morning sunshine and get ready for your day, you can insert these cups into your microwave to get back to enjoying a piping hot coffee ASAP. 


Muffin Tray

Did you know zucchini muffins are the second most popular kind of muffin in the world after blueberry? Wild. Try your hand at baking a batch of exotic zucchini and lime muffins or go for a classic, trusted banana and chocolate or lemon and poppy seed recipe with this muffin tray. Coated with a PFOA-free nonstick coating, you don’t have to worry about spending hours scraping off bits of batter after baking the too often forgotten, more versatile version of delicious cupcakes. You can keep your fluffy treats up to one week in the fridge and enjoy one every morning of the week. 


Bundt Form

This Bundt cake pan is for the ones who enjoy a baking session and don’t want to have to do too much to make sure the cake comes out looking stunning. Bundt cakes are truly the best dessert to bake when you want to impress (yourself or some guests) because the mould does most of the work for you to make sure your cake comes out looking like a 10/10. Follow a recipe that includes fruit, like a mixed berry Bundt cake with a lemon glaze to add some color to your showstopper. This piece of bakeware is also finished with PFOA-free nonstick coating, so you’ll enjoy a hassle-free cleanup. 



Revolution Large Spatula - Meringue

You’re going to need a spatula to whip up your baked treats. Le Creuset’s spatula is made out of silicone, which is the best material this baking tool could be made out of because food doesn’t stick to it, so it’ll scrape every last bit of batter from your bowl. Silicone is also soft and malleable, so it won’t scrape any of your cookware. This spatula’s long wooden handle facilitates stirring the contents of deep pots and bowls, so don’t worry about getting frosting up to your elbows. Get inspired by this item’s color and make some deliciously light and airy meringues for dessert tonight!


Chef French Oven - Blueberry

This French Oven will become your kitchen’s workhorse and last you for many years to come. It’s probably one of the most popular items by Le Creuset since it’s been the brand’s star item since their beginnings. This piece of cookware will enable you to practice at and master incredible recipes such as bœuf bourguignon, no-knead bread, ratatouille and much more. Made out of durable, bright blue blueberry enamelled cast iron, it’ll add a classic French bistrot vibe to your kitchen whether you’re cooking with it or letting it air-dry on your stove. 


Classic Saucier Pan - Blueberry

While your ratatouille is cooking, use your matching blueberry enamelled cast iron saucier to make a chicken stew, some broccoli cheddar soup or boil potatoes. Named after the French term for a chef in charge of making sauces, this piece of cookware is intended to, you guessed it, make sauces or any kind of dish with stocks or liquids. The curved bottom facilitates whisking and stirring while ensuring no bits of your dish burn and get stuck to an edge. 


Set of 4 Coupe Pasta Bowls - Artichaut

Let’s talk about how frustrating it is to find the perfect dish to serve your pasta dishes in. A flat dinner plate isn’t a great option because the sauce can spread out and even end up almost dripping off of your plate. A regular, cereal bowl isn’t your best bet either because you don’t want all of the sauce to be at the bottom of your dish and you want to have enough space to twirl your pasta onto your fork. This leaves Le Creuset’s coupe pasta bowls, which offer a flat bottom, a wide diameter and high edges: All of the most crucial elements when choosing how to serve your pasta. Whether you’re hungry for linguini, tagliatelle or penne, you can’t go wrong with this earth-toned stoneware bowl. 


Set of 4 Classic Dinner Plates - Artichaut

For the nights you’re not craving a pasta dish, opt for this set of matching artichaut dinner plates. The slightly raised edge will keep your toppings and vinaigrettes for spilling onto your tablecloth while giving your everyday casual dinner and lunch tablescape a classic French country cottage look. This set of plates would make the perfect housewarming gift: They’re elegant, durable, and low-maintenance since they’re dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. We completely understand wanting to keep them for yourself as well, we wouldn’t resist them either. 

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