An Anniversary Gift Guide

An Anniversary Gift Guide

Spend a memorable anniversary by spoiling your other half and celebrating relationship milestones: The day you met, your very first date, the first time you said “I love you”, your engagement… Nothing says you care like a thoughtful gift on any anniversary. From Le Creuset cookware that will last as long as a soulmate relationship to a Baccarat statement piece, shop our anniversary gift guide to find the perfect gesture for every special occasion.
Rectangular Clear Eyes Vase

To celebrate the day you FIRST MET... 

Include the crème de la crème of meaningful gifts to the day honoring the first time you ever met with Baccarat's Rectangular Eye Vase. The brand’s iconic Eye pattern is created by overlaying horizontal carvings on the item's exterior and vertical carvings on the item's interior, resulting in a three-dimensional pattern that’ll glisten in sunlight pouring through window. For the ultimate anniversary gift, make sure to include the gift recipient’s favorite flowers and a matching colorful bow: It’ll be the perfect first or last note to your anniversary!

Caroline Zip Travel Case - Black

To celebrate your FIRST DATE...

Remember your first date with your other half by gifting them an item they’ll use much more often than a piece of jewelry: A sophisticated travel jewelry case. Wolf’s Black Caroline Zip Travel Case case will protect all the beautiful pieces they’ll accumulate as your love story unfolds thanks to its soft LusterLoc™ interior which prevents jewelry from tarnishing for up to 35 years. Inspired by the quilted cosmetic cases from the 1950s, this thoughtful gift is best paired with an “I wanna be loved by you” serenade à la Marylin for an extra dose of romance. 

Chateau Champagne Flutes

To celebrate when you MADE IT OFFICIAL...

Maybe you said “Will you be my _____ [insert label here]?”, maybe it was a kind of unspoken agreement, maybe you simply asked, “Hey are we exclusive, and like, together?”. In any case, it was a special day that marked the beginning of your life adventure as a couple. Toast to the ultimate new beginning with Baccarat’s Set of 2 Château Champagne Flutes. Made out of delicate crystal and cut in a contemporary, fluid silhouette, these glasses are fit for a royally elegant anniversary at the château of your dreams. 

AVF Snap Frame Pink 5 X 5

To celebrate the first time you SAID "I LOVE YOU"...

You cannot go wrong with a typical anniversary gift such as a picture frame. Step off the beaten path and follow your bliss by swapping a classic silver-plated picture frame for a fun and electrifying one such as Alexandra Von Fürstenberg’s 5” X 5” Rose Snap Acrylic Frame. This frame is free of a finicky backing board and features magnetic fastenings to “snap” and “un-snap” pictures in place, making it incredibly easy to change your favorite displayed picture of the two of you! Plus, it’ll add an eye-catching splash of hot pink to your modern home decor. 

Oval French Oven 6.3 L Artichaut

To celebrate when you MOVED IN TOGETHER...

There is no better gift than an essential piece of homeware to celebrate the day you moved in together, all the sumptuous meals you’ve shared since then, and all the ones you’ll share during the rest of your life. Le Creuset’s 6.3 L Oval French Oven will inevitably become your new kitchen workhorse: It can be used on the stove or in the oven to cook large servings of Bœuf Bourguignon, slow roast chicken or chili. It's ideal for preparing your next dinner party or when you’re cooking meals to share during the week. 

Assouline Turquoise Coast

To celebrate when you GOT ENGAGED...

Celebrate the first step to the new chapter of your life as a married couple by taking a stroll down memory lane, down your honeymoon’s lane to be exact. Whether you spent your first days as newlyweds along the Turkish Riviera, in Provence, Cuba, or hopping from one island to another in Greece à la Mamma Mia!, Assouline’s Travel Series will let you travel the globe and reminisce about your romantic getaway from the comfort of your living room’s couch. Plus, every single book from the collection features a vibrant cover that’ll elevate your coffee table to interior-designer-status. 

Honeymoon Vibes - Maison Lipari
Anniversary Vibes...
(Photo by Upgraded Points)
Cœur Zinzin Red

To celebrate your WEDDING DAY...

In French, becoming “zinzin” means to “go bonkers”, just like you do when you fall madly in love with someone. Baccarat’s Red Cœur Zinzin will take you straight back to your wedding day, when you celebrated the promise of spending your life cherishing one another forever. Made out of thick, translucent crystal, this heart can be used as a paperweight on one’s desk to be reminded of their loved one throughout their work day, or simply as a decorative accessory on any nightstand, mantelpiece, or coffee table.


Silver-Plated 24-Piece Flatware Set

To celebrate 25 YEARS OF MARRIAGE...

An anniversary celebration doesn’t necessarily have to solely include your partner and yourself. Invite your closest friends and/or family over to commemorate 25 years of marriage and celebrate 25 more to come with Christofle’s Silver-Plated 24-Piece Mood Flatware Set. This set seats six and will add an unquestionably elegant touch to your tablescape thanks to its gleaming finish. After the festivities, display the iconic egg-shaped case in any glass dinnerware cabinet or on your countertop. This is a gift that you’ll be able to share with others, and what’s love about if not sharing (or, if you ask Joey from Friends, and having, and giving, and sharing, and receiving)?

Mille Nuits Gold Votive

To celebrate 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE...

“Mille nuits”, or, “a thousand nights” are mere seconds compared to the 100 000 nights spent with your partner when you’re celebrating 50 years of marriage. Remind them that every night feels just like the first one thousand spent side by side by adding this delicate votive candle holder to your living room, library or bedroom decor. Pay homage to a love story as sensational as The Thousand and One Nights, with Baccarat’s Mille Nuits Votive Candle Holder, made out of 20-carat gold.

Set of 6 Classic Mugs Rainbow

To celebrate your LOVE & YOUR LGBTQ+ PRIDE...

June may be over, but displaying your commitment to human rights never is. Celebrate love and equality by gifting Le Creuset’s Rainbow Set of Classic Mugs to your partner. Made out of the brand’s incredibly durable and scratch-resistant stoneware, this vibrant set of mugs will last many afternoon coffee-catch-ups and moments of morning bliss. Drink your morning drink and love who you love in style. Add some hand-written love notes to each mug for an extra dose of relationship TLC!



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