Dining | Lavatory | Flatware | Holloware | Serveware | Linens

Indulge in the ultimate in-flight dining experience with our premium, curated selection of:  

  • China 
  • Crystal 
  • Flatware 
  • Holloware & serving accessories 
  • Custom table linens 
For The Lavatory:

Transform your private aircraft travel experience with our exquisite range of lavatory amenities, ensuring you feel revitalized and rejuvenated throughout your journey. 

  • Hand towels & washcloths 
  • Amenity kits 
  • Lavatory accessories (trays, waste bins, soap dispensers) 
Custom Bedding Solutions

Enhance your in-flight sleep experience with our custom bedding solutions, designed to elevate comfort and luxury to new heights: 

  • Custom linens for various sleeping arrangements 
  • Duvets, featherbeds and mattresses 
  • Pillows 
  • Eiderdown, as well as sustainable and hypoallergenic bedding options available 
For On-Board Living

Elevate your onboard living with our thoughtfully selected range of throws, decorative accents, and convenient charging stations, ensuring a comfortable and stylish journey.

Galley Inserts & Storage Solutions

We specialize in providing top-tier storage solutions and galley inserts tailored for your aircraft, ensuring efficiency and convenience in the air. 



We offer a wide assortment of luxury brands, including the following, and more.



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