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      Drinkware is part of our day-to-day and special occasions: We reach for a glass of water at every meal, toast to achievements and the start of a new year with champagne flutes and drink our favorite grape nectar in delicate stemmed glasses. Choosing high-quality drinkware allows us to further appreciate a simple glass of orange juice, to picture ourselves on a Tuscan wine tour while sipping on Chianti or to feel like Carrie Bradshaw while savoring a Cosmopolitan. Using glasses made for specific refreshments releases their flavors and transforms having a drink into a luxurious ritual. For example, a martini should be served in a cone-shaped glass to maintain its temperature since it isn’t served with ice while short and wide lowball glasses are best for drinks served on the rocks because they need extra room for ice cubes. Drinkware can also serve a decorative purpose, such as wine glasses and decanters that look like sculptural works of glass. Pour some luxury into your everyday life with by serving your favorite ice tea in a Carlo Moretti pitcher, some Sauvignon Blanc in a Schott Zwiesel glass or aerating your wine in a Riedel decanter.